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This big, handsome, 12-year-old bay is a powerful ranch horse. His smooth gait makes him a

pleasure to ride when checking the herd or the fences or in the round pen. He is alert and

observant. He transitions smoothly from a walk to a trot or canter. He backs readily, side steps,

and can pivot on his front or hindlegs. We have ridden him to separate cow-calf pairs, and for

herd penning and sorting for vaccinations, deworming, castrations, and pregnancy checking

cows. His previous owner used him to rope a cow or calf in the pasture for treatment. He has

been fed and brushed daily in our care. Vaccinations (Eastern and Western encephalitis, West

nile and tetanus) and deworming on March 1, 2024, He needs an owner with younger, longer

legs than mine.


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