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If you’re looking for a drop dead gorgeous, gentle, and athletic gelding here he is. “Bunny” is a 6 year old AQHQ gelding that stands 15.3 hands tall. This horse has a huge amount of presence and can’t be missed no matter where he goes. We’ve ridden “Bunny” on trail, in the arena, and on the feed lot. No matter what we ask he never misses a beat. He’s got a curious mind and takes quickly to whatever you ask of him. He packs his face, lopes pretty circles, and has a smooth way of going. If you want a horse to start in the box you couldn’t ask for a better head horse candidate. I also think he’d be gorgeous going around in English tack over fences. No matter what your goals are, this is a horse that can help you reach them. He truly is as versatile as they come. “Bunny” has a fun-loving personality and no vices. He sells 100% sound in every way.

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