"HONEY" Handy broke: Calf horse; breakaway horse, heel horse. Sound in every way. Gentle for anyone to ride. I’ve won several amateur rodeos and jackpots on her this year in the calf roping and heeling. she has seen the lights, music, been behind the barrier. Nothing bothers her at all. My 3 year little girl rides her by herself. She acts like a gelding/ easy going not mareish at all. Leave her turned out for a month: get her up; she rides off like that last time you rode her. Stand about 14-1; 14-2

Line back dune with 4 white stockings.

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Blaze is a 15 year old gelding, stands 15 hands tall. He is gentle horse. Blaze was ridden just last week in Colorado Elk hunting. My 11 year old grandson has ridden him on many occasions. Sound.