A.K.A Rip is an AQHA 2017 Gray Gelding (15h) (Was registered as a sorrel but has since grayed out.)


Born and raised on Angola state prison farm. Purchased from Southwest Sale as a started 2-year-old. From 2 years old to 4, "Rip" was used working/penning cattle from pastures to the soggy marshes down the river. He was exposed to being bumped by wild cattle, using a bullwhip on him, pulling a few in the trailer, airboats and dogs. "Rip" has also been ridden numerous times in "Brushy Creek", Homochitto. He crosses through creeks, ravines, fallen trees and crossed bridges. He stays gentle and easy to ride, just point and go type of horse. From 4 years to now "Rip" has been developing into a solid team roping prospect. He has had 6 month of professional training where he was started as a heel horse but has excelled as a top end type of head horse. "Rip" is ready to haul, just hasn't been due to my busy work schedule. He is a gamer and won't be outrun by those fresh ones, but cowy and ratey enough not to get fooled by those slow ones either. Open and close all gates on him, stand tied all day, good for farrier, to bath and to trailer. Just as soon as feed a pretty one, promise you'll never get tired of looking at him either!

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