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Sunny is a 5 yr old grade Palomino gelding standing 15h. This guy is put is together nicely, bred to work, and comes with all the color you could ask for. Sunny was born and educated on a working ranch while earning his keep there. Sunny is super cowy and knows what a full day's work is. We have recently started him in the arena calf roping and on break away. He will be extremely smooth in his trot, will lope off nicely, and side pass to open gates.

Sunny will easily drop a gear and hit the trails as good as any. He will be sure footed with obstacles, climb up and down hills, and crosses water without hesitation. He is soft in the bridle, responsive, athletic, and completely willing. There doesn’t seem to be a direction this young guy couldn’t excel in. Will be selling sound, utd, and current coggins.

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