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Snoopy has been part of the family since November 2019 he will be 9 year old this summer. There’s been a lot of thought into even selling him but we have decided maybe someone else needs to enjoy him. He’s been rode by 2year olds all way up to elderly. He is broke to work to wagons, carts, snake some smaller logs out of woods He’s been used at the stock yards, we have used him in the pens loading trucks and sorting calves. Snoopy has drug a few calves to the truck. He has taught several kids to ride over the years and he’s been the first horse several kids have ever rode. He’s been ridden by Santa Claus in Christmas parades. You can catch him anywhere you find him, easy to load and unload easy to shoe easy to clip, stands tied. Snoopy been ponied on side of truck atv and utv! He’s really a one-of-a-kind cool dude. He stands 14 hands tall.

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