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Sizzlin Mate "Sizzler" is an 8 year old bay gelding standing at 16 hands who started his career on the racetrack, with a good many wins. He has since moved on to become a barrel horse prospect, with nice progress being made. Sizzler has the bloodlines (Corona Cartel and Streakin Six) and the potential to take you to the pay window, with time to finish him your way. He was started on the pattern a little soon off the track, while skipping some of the basic reining fundamentals. I have been working to correct that and start him right. He is a sweet boy, willing to please and tries hard to do everything asked of him. He loads and unloads, stands tied or for the farrier, etc. as one should. We've ridden him on trails a great deal also, and nothing spooks him. Crosses ponds, ditches whatever you point him at and most importantly, does NOT get hot. I can work him out, then let my daughter ride him around bareback with only a halter and his head dropped low. He's going to be amazing for somebody with more time than me to finish out and go win on.


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