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Merada Smartcat !!! Barn name Shrimp.  He is 18 years old, and he is selling grade!  He is 14.1 hands tall!  He has earnings of $20,872.47 in NCHA! He has been shown by Open, Amateur, and Youth.  Shrimp is super handy and broke!  The same horse every time you get him out of the stall.  He is really sweet and easy to ride.  We have taken him to sortings and worked herds of cattle off him.  Shrimp is one you can use at home and take to the show pen and win money!  Super smooth!!!  He is one for the whole family to-ride, show and enjoy.  One you can also take and enjoy the trails! If you are looking for a nice horse to enjoy or show, look no further Shrimp is your man! 


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