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Minnie is a registered 6-year-old Dunn mare, granddaughter of PC Bronson and Page Steel. She stands at 15 hands tall. Sound and willing to do whatever you ask of her. Big stop. Bigger motor. Side passes. Flexes. One hand neck reins. Crosses creeks and water with no problem. She can be used in the pasture to catch and pen cows and rope and run barrels. She has been entered at local jackpots on the heel side and started nicely on the head side. She has also been entered at local barrel races and doing very well. She is running 3D with minimum entries and absolutely can run 1D-2D with time. Did I mention big motor? She is maturing and is ready to be someone’s main mount. Nothing bothers her on the ground. Kids can run by her; she is used to dogs while working cows and raised by dogs. Shoer friendly. Coggins up to date.

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