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4 yrs old

Hot Day In Del Rey “Mighty Mouse” is a gelding that will please the cutters, sorters and cow-horse people alike! He has had two years of cutting training as well as seen the outside on the ranch. While he is an extremely trained gelding he is also equally versatile. He is young, trained and is ready to head into the show pen in the direction of your choosing. Cow-horse events not your thing? That’s ok! He’s also a fantastic ranch gelding, will ride down the trail low-headed and quiet and will also make a standout heel or breakaway horse. He is good minded, gentle and always an absolute pleasure to ride. He has a precious personality and is sweet as can be. No bad habits whatsoever, easy keeper and is 100% sound of mind and body. He is sure to please in any program. The only blemish on him is a small spot in the corner of his left eye that has been present since he was a yearling. It will not ever worsen or affect his vision. It is a scar and has been vetted to ensure this. FMI 619-655-2272

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