Here is a horse that is unlike any other we have offered to the public. “Cookie” is a filly that I have raised since she was a yearling. From her very first ride, I have done every bit of the training with her. She has made my job incredibly easy, she’s extremely intelligent and is always eager to learn. From her first ride she rode off like a pro. This filly is as gentle and good minded as a young horse can be. There have been times I got busy and Cookie would sit for a few months, when I had time to ride her again we picked up right where we left off. I could go on and on about just how good natured this filly is. On top of her good mind she is very naturally talented. She rides around soft and light with lots of balance. She knows how to pick up both leads, stop, back, and move off of leg pressure. We have been loping her through the pattern without asking for much speed. She knows the pattern and is ready for the next step. She’s eligible for all the futurities as well as the Future Fortunes. Finish her according to your style and go enter at some of the most prestigious events in the country. It’s only a matter of time before she starts pulling some checks. With her cremello color and name brand pedigree she would make an incredible asset to someone’s brood mare string as well. Frenchmans Guy is one of the most sought after sires in the industry and he’s close to the front of her papers. If you decide to breed her you could pick even the plainest colored sire and she’s guaranteed to throw you color. Cookie is an investment that you just can’t go wrong with. She sells 100% sound with no history of colic, illness, or injury.

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Blaze is a 15 year old gelding, stands 15 hands tall. He is gentle horse. Blaze was ridden just last week in Colorado Elk hunting. My 11 year old grandson has ridden him on many occasions. Sound.