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Flites Play Gun “Leonard” is one of our primary geldings at Westbound. He is a go to on the ranch, in the roping pen and in the barrel pen, but make no mistake he is laid back and gentle and will ride low headed and calm down the trail too. Leonard is a seasoned ranch gelding and has been used for all aspects of ranch work. He will knock the tracks out of one, pulls stout and will cow up good in the sorting pen. He is a finished head horse and has been hauled all over the state of Texas. Leonard is quiet in the box. He is best suited for the #10 ropings and up simply because he is quick on his feet behind cattle and has a lot of run. He does rate off well and makes a good corner. Leonard is also well patterned on the barrels. We have been hauling him and exhibitioning and are now entering him and adding speed. He is quiet in the alley, walks in and out, and is not a hot minded horse. Leonard stays gentle all the time even when laid off. This is a gelding that is versatile, trained and gentle. He is completely sound in mind and body and is undoubtedly a barn favorite here. FMI 619-655-2272.

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