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2019 registered AQHA gray gelding. This gelding is something really special! He stands 15 hands and is gentle as the day is long. He has the ride and the temperament of an older well-seasoned ranch gelding. He has been used since first of the year every day working, sorting, roping, doctoring, and loading cattle. He is safe for anyone to ride. He has excellent ground manners and gets along well with everything in the pasture. He will stand quietly tied all day if you ask him to. You never have to show him what to do, just hop on him and go do it. He never questions anything you ask of him. This horse will be 100% sound and you will love him more every day you own him.

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A true ranch gelding. He comes from a large ranch in Mexico. One hand neck rein and a slow solid short lope. He rides great but is only suitable for an experienced hand on the ground. He is hard to

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