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Chico is 5 yrs old.  15 hands tall.  He has been owned by one family since he was a colt. At the age of 2 he was sent to a professional trainer and ridden 60 days. When he returned from the trainer the son rode him with his father where they used him to squirrel hunt and coon hunt all over the state of MS from the hill country to the delta swamp land. He was also used to pen cattle when they worked their herd and when calves were sold. He is gentle and is a big pet that loves attention. He works well on lunge line as well as loads and stands for the farrier. My wife and I took this horse on a trail ride in the Bienville National Forest on the Shockaloe Trail and probably rode 10 to 15 miles or so and he never made a mistake. He will cross water and go most anywhere you point him. The son taught him a trick along the way, he will lay down for you to get on him. He is a horse that has a head full of sense and is willing to learn and do what you ask of him. He is used to guns being shot around him. He will also pasture with cattle.


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