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This horse is the entire package! “Lucky” is a 5 year old AQHA that stands 14.2 hand. This gelding has an old soul and a great mind. His laid-back personality has made him a barn favorite from day one. “Lucky” has extensive experience working on a feed lot as well as on a cow/calf operation. He’s no stranger to big country and a long days work. Since we’ve had “Lucky” we’ve spent lots of time fine tuning his arena skills as well as going on trail. He’s soft in the bridle and packs his face the way a horse should. He’ll walk and trot around as slow or fast as you want. He’s got lots of rate and a rocking chair lope. If you wanted to take him to some of the ranch shows I think he would excel in no time. I also believe he’d make a jam up calf or heel horse if you wanted to start him out of the box. No matter what you want to do, this is a gelding you can’t go wrong with. He sells 100% sound with no vices.

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