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Bossy is as solid as you can get. She rides double triple or as many kids that will fit on her back. She is not one that has to be ridden every day! Catch her an get on with-without saddle. She has no Buck, kick, no cribbing, will go where you want to go. She is like a bulldozer! We have a high fence deer pen with 5 miles of fence, and she has been all over the 500acres and has never failed to do or go wherever you want. Her name is Bossy for a reason! At feeding no other horse is welcome in her pan. While eating you can rub, brush, and walk all around her but another horse is not going eat her feed! I’m kind of the same way so if that’s my only fault, I’m sorry It’s hers 🤣 She is 9 yrs. old and a great friend that will take care of you. You miss her it’s your loss I have 6 head 3 mules 3 horses I’m selling 2 horses an keeping 1 and I bought him at this sale. Leddy is what he called. I’m a mule person and they staying!

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