We have never had a horse as cool as this gelding! He's been our barn favorite since the day he stepped on the trailer as a hardly handled 2 year old. Saul is a Appaloosa Crossbred gelding that stands 15.2. I can promise you there is not another one as gentle, willing, or as unique as him! He takes to anything new you ask him to do without issue. We’ve taken him on huge trail rides in big groups and he will lead, follow, or hang out in the pack. He is road safe, will go through any water no matter how deep, been in the mountains, and handles any terrain. He’s been hauled to cuttings as well to hold herd, turn back, and switch cattle groups. Has also gathered and penned cattle outside. For a big horse he hits the ground very smooth and is a very comfortable ride at a walk, trot and lope. Saul is solid regardless of how long he’s had time off, just step on and ride off. He is easy to catch no matter where you leave him, he will meet you at the gate. He stands tied anywhere you put him, and has been overnight on a picket line. He bathes and clips, and is good for the farrier, vet and dentist. He has the kindest demeanor and sweetest personality you will ever find in a horse, and you will wear out a truck trying to find one like him!