Next Sale Date: Fall 2022

Sale Day:
Demonstrations 9:00am
Sale Starts at 12:30pm

Pay your consignment fee thru PayPal
List horse's name & consignor,
Send "Friends & Family"


$150.00 Catalog fee

10% Commission

$40.00 Yardage

.0050 per $1.00 Insurance

$50.00 Resale Fee

No P.O. Fee

Here are some images from our past sales...

DSC_9861 copy
DSC_9861 copy

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DSC_9861 copy
DSC_9861 copy

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Haven't been to a sale yet? Get a front row seat by checking out the video below......

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DSC_7489 copy
DSC_7477 copy
DSC_7469 copy
DSC_7459 copy
DSC_7397 copy
DSC_7470 copy
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