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Next Sale: October 26, 2024

$150.00 Catalog Fee

10% Commission

.0050 Insurance Fee

$40.00 Yardage

$50.00 Resale Fee

No P.O. Fee

How to Consign:

1.  Call John for approval : 985-630-3283
2. Fill out Consignment Form Below

3. Pay consignment
/yardage fee of $190 thru PayPal below
(your horse is not consigned until consignment fee & yardage are paid $190)
Send "Friends & Family"

Please click the button below to read our terms and conditions. You must agree before consigning. 

Return here to pay once you have approved your consignment and submitted the consignment form. 

Consignment Form
Currently in foal?

$150.00 Catalog Fee

10% Commission

$40 Yardage

$50 Resale Fee

No P.O. Fee


Thanks for consigning!

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